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Very intuitive, keep on making these. Click baited me to be honest, but i'll just attribute that to what I've had to drink ;)

ApexxWolf responds:

Haha :D thanks!

I use big words because I'm a cool 13 year old

Honestly, you are pathetic, with a capital P. Your whole review lasts about 900 characters. There is no way any enjoyment can possibly be had in that length.

Lets evaluate this rationally. The only reason your piece of bloated, half-thought out, no music riven tripe could've been voted down is because it comes from an idiot.

It's the only reason. If your review had been about ANYTHING else: flying, politics, or you know, something that isn't a trash-talking, repeating and overdone piece of garbage, it would NEVER have gotten a thumbs down or written reply.

I'm just one of the people that are saying the truth.

Thank you voters for attempting to turn his review into the lowest rated review of the internet. I look forward to seeing everyone tell you off here next.

Music: none.
Originality: shit.

Overdone piece of anger-ridden nonsense? Check.


@ OneManArmy777, you just right click and select "play" after a minute

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You've gotta at least take 30 seconds to put instructions in the description. I "clicked the house", and nothing much more is happening. Ten minutes of button pressing later, here I am. Just give two sentences, what is this game?

Could use a little work in storytelling and some minor movement smoothing, but otherwise, having a great time. I can tell you drew a lot of inspiration from the 2D metroid games, specifically the GBA ones. I'd usually give a game like this a 4.5 because the general lack of a story, but you've got me hooked. Love it, Fave'd. Keep up the good work, try to expand on this, make the next 2d action platformer hit!

ErikSwahn responds:

Thank you so much!

Very creative! Would love to see something like this, but on a larger scale. More levels, larger boards, more difficult enemies, stats that save over levels, etc.
Waiting for more!

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you must

do another one soon

nice job

However, I gave you a 9 because the shading seems to be a bit off, especially around the left side. Keep painting though, your good.

StudioGiselle responds:

Thank you. I appreciate your critique, I don't know who deemed this a useless review because I certainly don't think it useless!
There are several things I see that could be improved upon so that you only think that the shading seems a bit off is a great compliment! The painting turned out much darker than I wanted it to and the colors were not exactly how I had imagined either.


at first, I was angry, thinking that youd just taken a screenshot of the movie and submitted it. then, I looked closely and realised it was just amazing art.
keep it up!

JoshSummana responds:

Haha thanks :P thats a compliment and a half!

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